Dear Participants,

On October 14th, we received the Brooklyn Triathlon event fee assessment in the form of a single page letter from the New York Police Department.  It was for the astonishing amount of $127,466.  We requested an itemized accounting from the Mayor’s Office of Special Events of what the fee covered.  We have been told that this will not be provided.

In more than 25 years of producing events in major cities throughout the U.S. and abroad, Pacific Sports has never been given a fee amount without the detail of how the cost is determined.  In reality, a fully itemized cost should have been delivered months ago, not within 10 days of the event, 

This fee is at least 5 times the amount we would have expected for a course that has less than 2 miles on a singular street (Surf Avenue) for less than 2.5 hours.   When we postponed the Brooklyn Triathlon (over one year ago in our meetings with the Mayor’s Office of Special Events, Parks Department, and NYPD) until the new and better date of October 26, 2014, we specifically altered the footprint of the course at the direction and advice of those present.  This course is extremely simple, closures are minimal, and the length is a fraction of the course originally proposed in 2012.  While we have requested full disclosure and transparency on the fees since we submitted the current course over one year ago, we have yet to receive any clarity and told it will not be provided.   This is an inappropriate policy and puts our event liability and security in jeopardy.  The cost of these fees is not something an event of this size can absorb and if we passed them along to participants, the cost would be so prohibitive it is doubtful anyone would enter. 

Had the fee assessment been given to us with any advance notice and with an open dialogue, we would have looked for course alternatives that might have lowered the cost to a number that was reasonable—however we cannot imagine a bike course with a tighter footprint.

Since receiving the fee assessment letter, we have tried to talk with everyone possible in hopes of finding a solution, but none has been offered by the City of New York and its agencies.  

Because of this, we have no choice but to cancel the Brooklyn Triathlon and to inform participants, sponsors, and stakeholders of this fact.  

As of today, we do not have enough information to give you on what the next steps will be to unwind the event, those will come as soon as we have gathered all of the information from ongoing discussions with our sponsors and the City of New York.
Jack Cares



Competition distances include:

-   Olympic distance (elite amateurs, recreational, relays)
  o   Swim: .93 mi; Bike: 21 mi; Run: 6.2 mi

-     Sprint (recreational, all ages, relays)
    o   Swim: .4 mi; Bike: 10.7 mi; Run: 3.1 mi

-     Super Sprint (recreational, all ages, relays)
o   Swim: 150 yds; Bike: 7 mi; Run: .93 mi

Saturday R&A Cycles Fitness Expo:

On Saturday, October 25, all competitors will be required to pick up their race packets at the R&A Cycles Fitness Expo. The Expo will be at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside in Prospect Park, Brooklyn's newest hospitality center, activity destination and event space. Expo hours are from 10AM to 4PM. Entry is free, and everyone is invited to the Expo to visit with vendors, learn more about the sport, purchase merchandise, listen to course briefings and, if you decide at the last minute to register, you can do that too! (if space remains)

Sunday Race Schedule:

5:30AM    Transition opens (MCU parking lot)
6:00          Road closures begin
7:00          Final roads closed
7:15           Transition closes
7:30          SwimStream start - Olympic distance
8:30          Swim Stream start - Sprint

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